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A new project supports nearly 500 disabled and elderly people from the municipality

Friday, 18 November 2022

The activities double the previous capacity

493 persons with disabilities and elderly people unable to care for themselves will be able to benefit from assistance under the latest project "Care at home in the Municipality of Ruse".

It builds on the implemented projects under the procedures "Patronage care for the elderly and persons with disabilities" and "Patronage care +", which ended on November 13. With the efforts of the municipal administration officials, support to the people was guaranteed without interruption, as the activities on the new project started from November 14.

The budget is in the amount of BGN 2,584,621.52 and it will cover twice as much as received care in the previous programs and projects. The aid will be expressed in:

• provision of hourly mobile integrated health and social services at homes and psychological support;

• delivery of food, foodstuffs and basic necessities, payment of household bills, request and receipt of urgent administrative and household services with consumer funds;

• providing people from the target group with information on prevention and prevention of health and socially significant diseases, including consultations with a nutritionist, etc. specialists if necessary.

For this purpose, 110 people will be employed as domestic helpers, 16 social workers, medical specialists, a psychologist and others depending on the individual needs of the persons identified on the basis of a needs assessment. Appointed employees will undergo induction/reinforcement training as well as individual and/or group supervision.

Applications for the new project are accepted in the Municipality of Ruse at the address: 2 Black Sea Street, room 12 and 24. Information can be obtained by phone: 082 881 734 and 082 881 769

On the website of the Municipality of Ruse, in the "Important messages" section, information will be published with samples of applications for applications from users and applications for applications from persons who will provide care in their homes.

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