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Children gave Mayor Pencho Milkov a film about the sculptor of the Freedom Monument Arnaldo Dzocchi

Wednesday, 17 April 2024

The Mayor of Ruse Pencho Milkov received an interesting gift from the pupils of the Private Kindergarten "Smehorania" in Ruse - a film about the sculptor of the Freedom Monument Arnaldo Dzoki. "Freedom from Bronze and Stone" was made together with the children from the Bulgarian school "Asen and Ilia Peikov" in Rome and Florence, Italy, and tells about the commonalities between the three cities.

"Thank you for the great idea, I hope others will follow! Arnaldo Dzocchi and his other contemporaries have bequeathed memorable works. We should all think about what we will leave behind," Pencho Milkov said to the children from "Smehorania". They greeted the mayor with performances about the Apostle of Freedom and Bulgarian history. The pupils of the private kindergarten and its director Mariana Stateva received congratulations and certificates for the patriotic initiative.

"Freedom from Bronze and Stone" was made by the children with the help of their teachers and tells the story of the Freedom Monument created by Dzoki. The film is 10 minutes long and is in Bulgarian with Italian subtitles. It has been worked on for almost 4 months, and its final version was ready in August 2023.

The film won an award at the International Media Festival "Harlequin in Rome" for the youngest participants.

Arnaldo Dzocchi was born in 1862 in Florence, Italy. His works unite dozens of cities around the world and are scattered on 4 continents. In Bulgaria, Dzoki also made the monumental equestrian statue of the Tsar Liberator in Sofia, as his work are bronze sculptures of monuments in Sevlievo, Lovech, Oryahovo, the Dryanovo Monastery and a sculptural fountain in Plovdiv. In 1909 in Ruse was completed the Monument of Freedom, designed by the Italian and made by Georgi Kiselinchev.

See the movie "Freedom from Bronze and Stone" here.

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