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Mayor Pencho Milkov with a new firm position on the construction of an incinerator in Giurgiu

Tuesday, 12 March 2024

The Mayor of Ruse Municipality Pencho Milkov sent a new opinion to the Minister of Environment and Water Julian Popov in connection with the project for the construction of an incinerator for hospital waste on the territory of Giurgiu Municipality. The mayor's letter is related to a response from the Romanian Ministry of Environment to the comments and remarks on the cross-border procedure for the project.

"The provision for the development of an odor plan in the course of issuing an environmental permit shows that at present no thorough investigation and analysis of the potential substances that will be released into the ambient air, their concentrations, respectively their influence and the dispersion perimeter have not been carried out. Also, no specific preventive measures have been proposed to limit environmental pollution. Similarly, preventive measures are not presented in order to prevent and limit the risk of emergency situations. " This is stated in the opinion of Pencho Milkov.
He emphasizes that the information provided by the Romanian side does not contain specifics and does not provide additional clarifications to the content of the corrected EIA Report on the project. "The answers contain mainly excerpts from texts from the EIA Report, but do not provide additional information in support of the studies made," the mayor of Ruse added. According to him, both the EIA report on the project and the answers given to the remarks made do not deal in detail with the different environmental impacts under possible adverse scenarios that may arise in the course of incinerator operation. Pencho Milkov points out that the general impact resulting from the normal operation of the facility, which is considered to be within the limits permissible, even below the accepted emission standards into the atmosphere, has been considered."In this regard, the risk of disrupting the normal operation of the incinerator, respectively its equipment and elements, which may lead to disruption of the technological process and the release of unregulated emissions, is defined as minimal," Milkov said. According to him, the risk of accepting waste of a composition and quality different from the required one, gaps in their temporary storage, etc. , which may lead to deviations in the process, type and amount of emissions into the air, has not been thoroughly considered.

"In view of the above, I believe that the additional information presented does not prove a reasonable minimum risk of emissions into the ambient air in a cross-border context," the Mayor of Ruse Municipality said in conclusion.
We would like to remind you that at the end of November 2023, Pencho Milkov stated his firm position on the revised and supplemented information on the environmental impact assessment report for the project related to the construction of an incinerator for hospital waste on the territory of Giurgiu Municipality. In his statement to Minister Julian Popov at that time, he stressed that the civil society of Ruse is extremely sensitive and concerned about protecting the cleanliness of the city's air supply, respectively irreconcilable to the implementation of projects related to the potential release of harmful emissions and impacts on the components of the environment and threatening human health.

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