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Ruse celebrated 146 years since the Liberation of Bulgaria

Sunday, 03 March 2024

With a solemn ceremony in front of the Freedom Monument in Ruse, the National Holiday March 3 and the 146th anniversary of the Liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke were celebrated.

"The third of March is the brightest milestone  in the Bulgarian calendar. Every ideological dispute seems petty against the background of the historic Shipka peak - the most Bulgarian monument, and the epic events that led to the peace treaty of San Stefano."

Mayor Pencho Milkov addressed the hundreds of Ruse residents and guests of the city with these words in his speech. He urged those present to remember more often that our decisions and nationally responsible actions today will determine the kind of world our children will live in.

During the ceremony, the guard of honor was received, and His Eminence Bishop Makariy of Glavinitsa - vicar of the Metropolitan of Ruse, His Eminence Naum, and priests from the Holy Metropolis of Ruse offered a funeral prayer and a prayer of thanksgiving for those who fell for the Liberation of the Motherland. The 13th Youth Guards Unit at the Municipal Youth Home, Maxim Atanasov from the Theater Studio "Mask" at the Municipal Youth Home with director Mina Marinova and Desislava Vasileva from the Vocal Studio for Pop and Jazz Singing "Ikonomov" at the Municipal Children's Center for culture and art headed by Vili Ikonomov, also took part in the solemn ceremony.

A ceremonial speech on the occasion of May 3 was also delivered by the regional governor, Danail Kovachev.

Among the guests of the event were the Deputy Mayors of the Municipality of Ruse Dimitar Nedev, Encho Enchev and Zlatomira Stefanova, the Chairman of the Municipal Council Academician Hristo Beloev, the Rector of the Ruse University "Angel Kanchev" Prof. Dr. Plamen Kangalov, the Chief of Military District I degree - Ruse Colonel Vasil Petrov, the head of the Regional Department of Education Dr. Rositsa Georgieva, a number of representatives of local and state authorities from the region. Wreaths and flowers were laid in front of the Freedom Monument as a sign of eternal gratitude to the work of the liberators and in honor of the National Day of the Republic of Bulgaria - March 3.

The host of the ceremony was the actor from the ''Sava Ognyanov'' Drama Theater, Lyubomir Kanev.

After the ceremony, the people of Ruse had the opportunity to attend the concert-performance "Homage and Remembrance", which took place in the Great Hall of the Income Building. Ioana Doneva and Folklore Dance Ensemble "Zdravets", School of Folk Singing, soloists from Children's Vocal Group "Sun", Folklore Ensemble "Ruschukliche" at the Municipal Children's Center for Culture and Art took part in it. Choir "St. Georgi Pobedonosets", soloists from Pop and Jazz Singing Studio "Ikonomov", Folk Dance Studio "Zora" and Ballet "Impulse" at the Municipal Youth Home. The performance was also attended by the Sports Dance Club "Nastroenie", the ballet at National school of art "Prof. Veselin Stoyanov", Folklore Dance Theater "Nayden Kirov" and Nikolaya Vladova - first grader from ''Lyuben Karavelov'' Primary School.

In the Youth Park, the Folk Dance Club "Rodolyubets" led the people of Ruse and the guests of the city to the longest dance.

From 6 p.m. today in the Chamber Hall of the Revenue Building, actors from the Sava Ognyanov Drama Theater will present the play "Epic of the Forgotten" by Ivan Vazov.

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