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Ruse Municipality provides a scholarship to one student for "Space Camp Turkiye" 2024

Thursday, 22 February 2024

Ruse Municipality and the Center for Creative Training will provide two full scholarships for participation in the International Space Camp "Space Camp Turkiye" 2024 as partners in the "Space Turkiye" program.

Students aged between 11 and 15 from Ruse Municipality can apply for the scholarships with an essay or video. The topics for essays or video essays for the campaign "Space Camp Turkiye" 2024 are:

Topic 1: Imagine that you are a creative director at the advertising agency "Space Tourism". Create an advertising brochure/video about a trip to a space destination. Be sure to include the program, as well as some tips for preparing tourists.

Topic 2: Imagine that you are a student in the first school in space. What does it look like? What are your favorite items and why?

Topic 3: What is the next step in using artificial intelligence for space exploration?

The deadline for submitting materials is 23:59 on March 10, and applications are accepted online before its expiry.

More information about the requirements for the works for participation in the competition can be found here https://spacecamp. cct. bg/participate/scholarship/ Since communication, training and communication with the other participants in the camp is carried out in English, students need to have a good knowledge of the language.

"Space Camp Turkiye" is an educational and training center for students dedicated to space sciences and research, located in the city of Izmir, Turkey. It was modeled after the NASA Space Camp in Alabama and has been welcoming children and youth from Europe, the Middle East and Asia for more than 20 years. The main goal of Space Camp Turkiye Space and Science Training Center is to motivate young people from all over the world to pursue a career in science and technology. In a week of dynamic and engaging program, students step into the role of real astronauts, scientists, engineers and develop lifelong skills. The main highlight is the numerous simulators of work and life in space. Each scholarship covers the children's accommodation, meals and travel expenses with no additional funds for personal expenses and is in the amount of USD 1,270.

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