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Stefania Gornacka captivated the audience in Lugano with the magic of Bulgarian folklore

Thursday, 03 August 2023

Stefania Gornachka from Ruse was part of the rehearsal master class, led by maestro Enzo Campagnoli. The event took place on 28 and 29 July in Lugano, Switzerland. The trip of the talented  girl from Ruse was realized with the financial support of the municipal foundation "Ruse - City of Free Spirit". 

The event took place in connection with the maestro's upcoming concert in the autumn, in which Stefania Gornacka will also perform. Together with Enzo Campagnoli, she clarified the details of the lyrics and music of the song she is preparing.

The master class in Lugano was attended by the other performers in the concert, who came from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria.

Maestro Campagnoli has made new arrangements of 20 songs featured at the San Remo Festival. Accompanied by an orchestra, they will be presented to the audience by the participants who were selected after a serious casting.

The Master Class ended with a short concert where the participants presented a song of their choice. Stefania Gornachka chose to perform ,,Rufinka bolna legnala" and impressed the audience with the magic of Bulgarian folklore.

She is a graduate of the "Prof. Veselin Stoyanov" - Ruse and the school for art and culture "ARTICULE" with Victoria Angelova and Georgi Velikov.

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