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The municipal council in Giurgevo wants to define minimum requirements for the distance of potential polluters

Friday, 01 September 2023

Deputy Mayor Dimitar Nedev attended the meeting where an important decision was made against the incinerator

The municipal councilors of Giurgevo voted for the adoption of a draft resolution defining the minimum distances for locating potential polluters in relation to populated areas.

The initiative is related to the tension surrounding the investment proposal to build an incinerator for hospital waste in the city. The Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Ruse, Dimitar Nedev, joined the meeting as a sign of sympathy for the local government and the citizens.

The Council agreed to set the following minimum distances from potential industrial pollutants:

- a radius of at least 500 meters from other business objects;

- a radius of 1000 meters from any inhabited place (each residential property).

With the adoption of the texts, the goal is to prepare petitions, with which the senators and deputies from Gyurghevo can call on their colleagues for the introduction of legislative changes.

Today's vote was necessary in connection with the repeal of the Romanian law in force until recently. With it, the requirements for minimum distances for the health protection of citizens in populated areas have been removed.

During the meeting, the mayor of Giurgiu, Adrian Angelescu, read to the councilors the letter from the Municipality of Ruse to the Romanian Ministry of the Environment, containing the negative opinions of Ruse residents on the construction of the incinerator for medical waste.

Clarifications were also made regarding the contractor SC FRIENDLY WASTE ROMANIA SRL and its acquisition of the necessary documentation. A letter from a company located near the project site expressing concern about the health effects of the incinerator is commented on.

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