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The Municipality of Ruse received the "Golden Apple" 2023 award for its social activity

Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Due to the active policy of improving the children's environment and respecting their rights and interests, the Municipality of Ruse was awarded the "Golden Apple" Award 2023 of the National Network for Children. The award ceremony took place in Sofia, and the award in the "Municipalities" category was presented to the Deputy Mayor Encho Enchev and the director of the "Humanitarian Activities" Directorate Katia Petrova.

Provision of financial assistance for parents, regular meetings of the Commission for the Child and accessible infrastructure are only some of the criteria that have been considered by the National Network for Children. Every two months, the Municipality of Ruse holds a meeting of the Committee for the Child. Various good practices and services are presented there to raise the awareness of society, parents and teams from institutions related to protecting the rights and interests of children.

The municipality has adopted an ordinance according to which, from 2021, one-time assistance of BGN 400 is provided to twins, and to a second born baby - BGN 150. One-time assistance of up to BGN 1,000 is also granted to all single parents who are raising a child with a disability, or of parents with a disability, for the education of the children. Financial resources in the amount of BGN 300 are also allocated for children placed in foster families, to provide recreation and rest.

The only crisis center in the country for unaccompanied children of foreign citizens and refugee children at risk, which offers 24-hour care, was launched in the Municipality of Ruse. Its opening was necessary as a result of the refugee wave through the Danube Bridge checkpoint and the increased attempts to illegally traffic unaccompanied children, citizens of Afghanistan, Syria, etc. The capacity of the center is 16 children with a staff of 12 employees. In November 2022, a training meeting was also held to upgrade the skills of working with young people of all participants in the child protection process, with a priority on unaccompanied foreign national children at risk of trafficking and abuse.

Every year, Ruse also celebrates November 20 - the World Day of the UN Convention on the Child, when their rights and interests are explained, and the opportunities for active inclusion and participation in society.

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