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Three teams from Ruse participated in a robotics competition in Plovdiv

Monday, 10 July 2023

The first edition of FIRST® LEGO® League for Bulgaria took place in Plovdiv over the weekend. The event is the largest LEGO robotics festival held in 110 countries around the world with millions of participants, and the pilot edition for the country included the 24 best student teams from across the country. Our city was represented by three teams - one of the "Baba Tonka" School and two of the Robopartans School of Robotics Ruse, in which students from different Ruse schools participate.

Throughout the day the young people presented their research technology projects. The theme of the event, "Superpowers", was dedicated to renewable energy.

The Ruse teams were among the best prepared with students from 10 to 16 years, selected from 80 teams from 50 schools from all over the country, who competed in a competition with Lego robots, performing missions in the city under the hills.

"Initiatives like today's show that with the right approach, education can spark children's interest and imagination, and this multiplies the results they achieve," said Education and Science Minister Prof. Galin Tsokov. He added that this goal should also be included in the construction of STEM centres in the country.

"Over 2,200 schools will have such centres thanks to the Recovery and Sustainability Plan funding and we need to plan for them in a way that will take teaching to a new, higher level," said Prof. Tsokov.

During the festival, the Bulgarian LEGO Collectors Club presented a series of modular buildings and unique personal collections.

A key objective of the FIRST® LEGO® League format is to encourage curiosity and interest in robotics among children and young people and to effectively apply the knowledge and skills they acquire while working with robots in real life.
Since 2015, teams from Baba Tonka High School participate in national and international robotics competitions, new this year is the participation of Robopartans School of Robotics - Ruse. During the competition the students from Ruse confirmed the place of the Ruse school teams in LEGO robotics among the best in Bulgaria.

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