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At the final press conference, the digitization of the cultural and historical heritage of Ruse and the region was presented

Monday, 29 April 2024

Nearly 30,000 photos, books, documents and other artifacts stored in the archives of the Municipality of Ruse and the partnering cultural institutes have been digitally transformed as part of the project "Protection and promotion of cultural heritage through digital preservation and presentation". This became clear at the final press conference, which took place today, and was attended by Deputy Mayor Zlatomira Stefanova, the project manager and director of the Economy, Investments, International Cooperation and Projects Directorate, Ivaylo Kadishev, as well as the team that worked on the project.

“The present project is a tremendous asset as it has managed to preserve historical treasures that the common citizen would not have had the opportunity to get to know. We are satisfied that we can leave for future generations a legacy that has been preserved thanks to the efforts of everyone involved in the project," said the deputy mayor. Zlatomira Stefanova and expressed her gratitude to the partner institutions, without which the project could not have been successfully implemented.

The technological process was explained by Albena Todorova, who is part of the digitization team. According to her, the preservation of cultural units and the collection of their data is by no means an easy process, and the work on the project was a challenge for all involved, requiring a lot of knowledge and a rich common culture.

The main goal of the project is to make the content available to the general public, thereby increasing interest in it. Presenting through modern methods breathes new life into cultural heritage and enables everyone to become familiar with cultural entities located in physically remote locations and not exposed to the public. Within the framework of the project, a digitalization center was created in the building of the Municipality of Ruse at 6 Olimpi Panov Street, for which a repair was carried out and furniture and equipment were purchased, corresponding to the specifics of the information subject to digitization.

8 employees were trained "Technologies for digitalization of cultural and historical heritage" to acquire additional professional competences, some of them were engaged full-time in the technical implementation of digitalization. Nearly 200 students from Ruse and the region also participated in the project, who were also trained in the use of modern technologies.

The beneficiary of the project is the Municipality of Ruse, and the partners are the Regional Library "Lyuben Karavelov", the Drama Theater "Sava Ognyanov", the Municipal Cultural Institute, "Art Gallery" - Ruse, State Opera - Ruse, the National School of Arts "Prof. Veselin Stoyanov" , the Regional History Museum, the Revival Center "Zora 1866", the State Puppet Theater - Ruse and the National Museum of Liechtenstein. Its implementation lasted for 2 years, and the financing was carried out under the "Cultural Entrepreneurship, Heritage and Cooperation" program of the Financial Mechanism of the European economic space.

The digitization process will continue in stages over the next 5 years. Digitized content can be viewed on a bilingual online platform storing the data.

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