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Children's music school "Melanie - Costa" won medals in Montenegro

Wednesday, 13 September 2023

The pupils of the Children's Music School "Melanie-Costa" at the folk community centre "Zahari Stoyanov 1937" returned from participation in the International Art Festival "Broyenitsa" in the town of Ulcin, Montenegro. Four young performers won special awards and gold medals, and the school was awarded a special jury prize - a cup and a diploma for the teachers Milena Ilieva and Aneta Georgieva.

12-year-old Radostina Zaharieva performed the European anthem "Ode to Joy" on the violin. Galin Velikov aged 5 won a special prize for his performance of the songs "Rally" by Vasil Naydenov and the children's song "And a potato". 9-year-old Emilia Yordanova was awarded for the Albanian song "Mandolina".

Milana Syarova, 12, received the jury award and a gold medal. She performed with the songs "Waka Waka" by Shakira and "Sweet dreams".

The forum is part of the cycle of festivals "Scattered Pearls", which are held annually.

After the musical, which the children presented at their spring concert, it is the turn of the open lessons, which they are preparing for the autumn.

Children's music school "Melanie - Costa" teaches children piano, pop and jazz singing and solfege, as well as violin. Teachers have included in the training disciplines such as stage behavior, breathing, sound production, diction, music theory and history, etc. , which greatly helps the development of young talents.

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