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Coat of arms and flag




The coat of arms of Ruse Municipality is a symbol of the local self-government and local administration. It has the form of a shield with Ruse’s Monument of Liberty and waves, symbolizing the connection with the Danube River, depicted on it. On the top of the shield is depicted a fortress wall, symbolizing the Antiquity of the city (Appendix № 1).

The coat of arms is a central element in the flag and the seal of Ruse Municipality. The coat of arms is a compulsory element of the official letterhead of Ruse Municipality.

The coat of arms must be placed in the offices of the Mayor of the Municipality, the President of the Municipal Council, the Secretary of the Municipality, Deputy mayors, town mayors and in the Plenary Hall, where the meetings of the Municipal Council are held.

 The coat of arms can be disseminated in the form of various souvenirs, to be printed on paper, to be enlarged or reduced in compliance with the ratios between the different elements in it, after obtaining written permission from the Mayor of Ruse Municipality and in compliance with the municipal administration requirements.


The flag of Ruse Municipality is white. At its center is depicted the coat of arms of Ruse Municipality.

The flag is custom-made of silk fabric size 90/170 cm. The coat of arms is embroidered with silk blue. Accessories such as as fringes, tassels, tapes, cords can be sewed on the flag after a project is approved. The mast of the flag is cylindrical, made of wood with a diameter of 5.5 cm and a length of 2.5 meters. There is a bronzed ball and spade on its top.

The flag is stored in a special glass case in the Mayor’s office.

The flag is used in the following celebrations and occasions:

1. The official holidays of the Republic of Bulgaria.

2. The official holiday of the city of Ruse.

3. Holidays and Celebrations of anniversaries of events with an important role in the history of Ruse and Bulgaria.

4. Formal meetings of the Municipal Council.

 The order for using the flag in celebrations and under Art. 12 shall be governed by Rules set up by the International Relations, Protocol and Public Relations Department, in compliance with the requirements of state protocol.

The flag of the Ruse Municipality can be reproduced in different versions under the terms of Article 8 of this Regulation.