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Dance studio "Impulse" with 12 awards from international festival in Bucharest

Tuesday, 23 April 2024

Eight first, one second place and three special prizes in different categories and age groups were won by the dancers of the dance studio "Impulse" led by Petya Boneva, Milena Lazarova and Veronika Milanova at the Municipal Youth House. Ruse talents took part in the International Competition "All styles" held in Bucharest.

Impulse alumni competed in the Modern Dance category, Musical/Choreographic Fantasy, Open, International Dance and Thematic Dance divisions with performances of three solo dances, one trio and five formations. In the international competition, participants from more than 30 dance studios from Romania, Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova showed more than 400 dances.

For their solo performances Victoria Andreeva and Ioana Krasteva won first places and Kalina Dimova - second. Kristina Yotova, Petra Mincheva and Martina Dimova won first place for trio. In the age category 10-12 years, the girls won two first places in formation, in 13-15 years - two more first places for formation and in 16-21 years - one first place for formation. In addition to the listed first places, the dancers also received three of the competition's major prizes - a Special Award for "Best Group" - League 1 in the "Modern" category, for the overall performance of TS "Impulse", a Special Award "Best Performance" - League 1 for a trio, and "Best Performance" - League 1 for a formation.

With this great success, the directors Petya Boneva, Milena Lazarova, Veronika Milanova and the dancers of "Impulse" receive recognition for their tireless work in the hall and dedication to the art. New competitions are coming up, for which the dancers and their directors continue to work.

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