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Deputy Mayor Encho Enchev awarded the winners of the Republican Casting Sports Championship

Sunday, 27 August 2023

On 26 and 27 August at the stadium in the village of Nikolovo was held the first in over two decades Republican Casting Sports Championship. It was organized by the Bulgarian Federation of Fishing Sports with the active assistance of the chairman of the Casting Sport Club Nikolovo Emil Velikov. Children from 4 clubs from Ruse, Nikolovo, Gabrovo and Balgarene, aged 7 to 13, took part in it.

Official guests on the day of the awarding ceremony were the Deputy Mayor Encho Enchev and Lachezar Ivanov - senior expert in the field of sports in Ruse Municipality, who welcomed participants and spectators and awarded the winners of the tournament. The closing ceremony was also attended by Boyanka Dimitrova - Regional Coordinator of the Regional Council of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria - Ruse.

On the first day of the tournament, the opening of which was attended by the President of the Bulgarian Federation of Fishing Sports Georgi Mihailov, the mayor of Nikolovo Zlatan Vanev, the chairman of the club Lipnik "Conservation and Fishing" Georgi Vladimirov and the instructor in sport fishing Denislav Yuliyanov, the children competed in the disciplines "arenberg and "skisch", and in the second - in the discipline "distance".

The next edition of the competition, which is part of the calendar of the Bulgarian Federation of Fishing Sports, will be held in November in the village of Balgarene.

Casting sport is an exercise with special rods for accurate or distant casting of artificial flies or weights with rods and has its origins in sport fishing. The discipline is practiced competitively in tournament form on grass fields or in gymnasiums of the required length.

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