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Information on inclusion of heavy goods trucks in the virtual queue for crossing the Danube Bridge BCP

Wednesday, 05 July 2023

All drivers of heavy trucks staying on the territory of Ruse municipality should get a number from the virtual queue for crossing the Danube Bridge BCP.

The service is possible on the basis of an agreement the Municipality concluded with "Tir Parking Ruse" Ltd. "Bulgaria" № 292 is not binding.

The aim is to comply with the ban on stopping and staying of the trucks on the "Bulgaria" and "Tutrakan" boulevards in the city, creating difficulties both for the drivers themselves, deprived of normal conditions for rest, and for the daily commuters on the Ruse-Marten-Sandrovo route and the corresponding industrial zones in the area.

Number for the so-called. a "virtual queue" can be picked up for providing a vehicle registration slip (small or large) from the following locations:

1. the administrative building of "Tir Parking Ruse" Ltd. "Bulgaria" № 292 - without the need to enter the parking lot with the vehicle;
2. on site just before the approach to the Danube Bridge BCP by the company's employees;

3. by the official representative of the car park where the truck is parked.

For the heavy goods vehicles, which are staying in the parking lot on the Blvd. Bulgaria № 292, the notification of the possibility of crossing to the BCP shall be carried out in accordance with the automatic information system that is in place at the facility. All other persons staying at other locations should provide a contact telephone number to be notified when it is their turn to cross.

In determining the order of passage, the principle of "first in time - first in right" shall be followed, an exception being allowed only for goods with a special regime of passage. The order is determined irrespective of the place of waiting and/or the nationality of the carrier, as the Municipality of Ruse has explicitly introduced a prohibition on giving unjustified priority when passing.
Ruse Municipality urges drivers to be careful and to respect the established rules and order, including the ban on stopping and staying on the mentioned boulevards.

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