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Innovative cabinet in the Student Sports School will stimulate the personal development of children and their interest in sports

Monday, 25 March 2024

In the Center for Support of Personal Development "Student Sports School - Ruse" (CSPD- SSS - Ruse) today was opened a cabinet on the theory and methodology of sports training. It was created thanks to a project won under the National Program "Support for the personal development of children and students", funded by the Ministry of Education and Sports.

"The main goal is to provide students and teachers with a modern classroom through which to stimulate the personal development of children and to improve the opportunities for visual perception of technical elements and improvement of theoretical training," said Maya Petrova, director of the Student Sports School  in Ruse. She added that in this way adolescents provoke additional interest in the variety of sports activities.

In the cabinet will be able to project digital content of the various technical elements that young athletes perform during their training, they will be able to analyze them so that they can even better understand the essence of the implementation of the different elements.

The opening was attended by the Deputy Mayor for Sports and Youth Activities of Ruse Municipality Borislav Rachev, who reported the importance of the cabinet. He stressed that it is essential for the municipality and sports clubs to interact in the best possible way in order for the children's and adolescent sport to have a stable foundation and to develop it fully.
Official guests of the event were the Head of RDE Ruse Dr. Rositsa Georgieva, the Chairman of the Committee on Youth and Sports at the Municipal Council of Ruse Plamen Rashev, the Regional Coordinator at the Ministry of Youth and Sports Eleonora Gurbanova, the Director of the Sports School "Major Atanas Uzunov" Evgeni Nedev, the Chairman of the Municipal Council of the Bulgarian Red Cross in Ruse Alise Murtesova and the Chairman of the Management Board of the Weightlifting Sports Club – Ruse prof. Dr. Kiril Panayotov.

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