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Kindergarten "Snezhanka" organizes a holiday for young and old

Tuesday, 06 June 2023

On June 7 at 5 pm on the Ruse pier, under the Baba Tonka museum, an event will be held with nearly 340 children from the kindergarten "Snezhanka", their parents and the kindergarten team. It is supported by the municipal foundation "Ruse - City of Free Spirit" and is under the title "Children with big hearts - the good starts with us!". The children's festival will feature a variety of sporting activities as well as lots of song and dance for the little ones.

At the amphitheater will be arranged a charity bazaar with thematic souvenirs, drawings and objects created by the children of the kindergarten "Snezhanka" and their parents. The funds raised will be donated to the cause of the Alexander Rusev Foundation for the construction of a water rehabilitation center for children with disabilities.

The concept of the "Snezhanka" kindergarten project stimulates children to actively participate in sports activities, social events and charitable causes. The pedagogical team of the school strives to implement a new approach to broaden children's horizons, to facilitate adolescents' access to knowledge through sports and games. The charitable cause, which supports the "Snezhanka" kindergarten, will teach children kindness and shared activity.

Participation in the event will also take Teodor Tsvetkov - athlete and record holder in swimming sport, who wholeheartedly supports the Alexander Rusev Foundation and supports the overall activity of aquatic rehabilitation of children with mental and physical disabilities.

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