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Mayor Pencho Milkov took office for his second term

Monday, 13 November 2023

Acad. Hristo Beloev is the new Chairman of the Municipal Council

At a solemn meeting of the Municipal Council Pencho Milkov took the oath of office as Mayor of Ruse Municipality for the second time. At the session was also elected the chairman of the local parliament - the rector of the University of Ruse Acad. Hristo Beloev. This was one of the four candidates that were nominated by the political forces elected by the people of Ruse today.
"Today I stand in front of the people of Ruse, full of gratitude and great responsibility for the repeated vote of confidence. We have a lot of work ahead of us that cannot be delayed for the development of Ruse. We have a responsibility to continue at a rapid pace to improve the environment in our neighbourhoods and parks; expand support for families and children; to finish the big infrastructure projects we started on lighting and streets; to prepare for the opening of the programmes with European funding", Milkov told the citizens and the elected municipal councillors and mayors, who also took the oath of office.

The acting mayor of Ruse municipality Dimitar Nedev handed over to the mayor the symbols of local self-government - a necklace and a key of the city.

"Our municipal council is again in a motley composition - 11 parties and formations. I have sought support from everyone. I believe that every councillor is ready to work for Ruse, regardless of whether he defines himself as part of the majority or the opposition. I hope that on this basis we will be able to put aside political differences and have a constructive dialogue, especially on the most important issues, so that our city can be an example. You have an outstretched hand from my side. Thank you and good luck to everyone!" said Pencho Milkov.

"I hope that with such a colorful Municipal Council all political forces will find their way to each other and together we will make efforts for the betterment of Ruse," said Acad. Hristo Beloev.

Metropolitan Naum of Ruse congratulated the representatives of the local authorities and urged them to work unitedly for the good of the people of Ruse and the inhabitants of the smaller settlements. Until the election of a new chairman, the meeting was chaired by the oldest councillor - Bogomil Todorov.

In the coming days the type and composition of the committees in the local parliament will be clarified.

In addition to 51 councilors, 12 mayors of town halls took oath of office today- Stefan Tsanev (Novo Selo), Georgi Penkov (Sandrovo), Zlatan Vanev (Nikolovo), Petko Savchev (Dolno Ablanovo), Meliha Todorova (Hotantsa), Kaloyan Terziev (Tetovo), Radostina Davidova (Prosena), Nikolay Kolev (Basarbovo), Muzhyan Khalilova (Semerdjievo), Dimo Tonev (Marten), Ehliman Etem (Yastrebovo) and Vasilena Tsankova-Borisova (Bazan).

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