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RIC-Ruse continues its activities until the end of 2029

Thursday, 04 April 2024

At a press conference at the Regional Information Center - Ruse (RIC -Ruse) today was presented project No BG16RFTA001-1. 006-0003-C01 "Regional Information Center - Ruse" worth BGN 999,007. 80, which is a 100% grant with beneficiary Ruse Municipality, funded by the Technical Assistance Program.

Zlatomira Stefanova - Deputy Mayor in charge of "International Programs and Projects, Investments and Property" and Project Manager RIC -Ruse, opened the meeting with the main topic "The functioning of the Regional Information Center - Ruse is ensured until the end of 2029". "Ruse Municipality is among the top three municipalities in the country with approved projects for providing grants for the activities of the RIC. The information is extremely dynamic and valuable in our time and therefore I believe that the activity of the information center is of utmost importance for the successful implementation of European projects in the region, "said Stefanova.

The manager of the center Diana Avramova introduced the participants to the activities in the new project and focused on the new moments. "Through the implementation of the activities set out in the RIC -Ruse project, over the next six years the Center will continue to work to raise public awareness on the territory of Ruse District about the funding opportunities as well as the results achieved in projects co-financed by ESIF and EFSF, will support the implementation of the integrated territorial approach on the territory of Ruse District and will continue to work for a higher degree of transparency and accountability in terms of European programs," Avramova said.

The center employs 4 experts who daily inform citizens, businesses, NGOs and other stakeholders about the opportunities offered by European funds and the results of the projects that are implemented on the territory of Ruse region.

The team strives to raise awareness and capacity of potential beneficiaries.

As part of the network of 27 regional information centers, the RIC - Ruse is one of the factors contributing to the successful implementation of the programs in the past and current programming period. The RIC  also supports the process of implementing the integrated territorial approach in Bulgaria. The employees of the Information Center in Ruse participate in the expert staff of the Regional Development Council of the North Central Region in its mediation and public consultation units. By a decision of the Council of Ministers, the RIC  is also defined as a one-stop shop for providing information and supporting the application under the energy efficiency procedures.

Timely, accessible and useful information about the activities of RIC -Ruse can be found on the center's Facebook page - https://www. facebook. com/OICRuse.

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