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Ruse, Borovo and Ivanovo create Local Initiative Fishermen Group

Thursday, 13 July 2023

The municipal councillors approved the proposal for the establishment of a Local Initiative Fisheries Group (LIFG) on the territory of the municipalities of Ruse, Ivanovo and Borovo with Ruse Municipality as lead partner.

Its aim is to form a group of all stakeholders with representatives from local communities, including the public, NGO and business sectors.

The idea is to initiate project ideas based on local natural, human and cultural resources to apply for funding for projects related to the Danube.

A Community Led Local Development Strategy will also be developed and its implementation will contribute to a balanced development of economic activities and those of public benefit on the territory of the LIFG.

The vision of the strategy is to make the territory covered by the "Ruse-Ivanovo-Borovo LIFG" an attractive place combining natural and cultural wealth with conditions for modern business and a fulfilling lifestyle".

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