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September 15-18 - a different weekend in Ruse

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

A festival of Garash cake, living statues and many more surprises await the people of Ruse at the end of summer

Residents of Ruse and guests of the city will be able to enjoy the Garash cake, emblematic of our city, during a special festival dedicated to the dessert. The delicious celebration is organized under the "Tourism" Program of the Municipality of Ruse and will take place on September 17, and the events accompanying the festival will make the city a preferred place to visit in the autumn month.

"The Garash Cake Festival is being organized for the first time and the desire of the Municipality of Ruse is for it to become an annual event, part of the country's annual cultural calendar," said Deputy Mayor Zlatomyra Stefanova.

The festival will involve the producers of confectionery in Ruse, who will prepare the sweet temptation according to an original recipe, as well as its non-traditional, modern and healthy interpretations. Famous pastry chefs will complement the event with their reading of the dessert, as well as with live demonstrations where everyone will be able to try the dessert.

Rousse merchants offering original Garash cake will receive a special sticker, which will be affixed in a prominent place in the establishments themselves.

The State Opera - Ruse, the Sava Ognyanov Drama Theater and the State Puppet Theater - Ruse have also expressed their desire to participate in the festival. At a joint meeting organized by the Municipality of Ruse, their leaders declared their readiness to put on a play for children and outdoor cantata to enrich the program.

During the Garash Cake Festival, the highly popular 4-day International Festival of Living Statues will take place. From September 15 to 18, it will bring together top-class artists from all over Europe. The large-scale event is organized for the seventh year by the Drama Theater "Sava Ognyanov" and with the financial support of the Municipality of Ruse.

At the same time, a familiarization tour will be held in the city for representatives of the tourist industry - tour operators, tour guides and agents, to help establish Ruse as a popular destination on the tourist map of Bulgaria.

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