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The municipal leadership met with the Canadian ambassador Annick Goulet

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

They demanded that Linamar stop the unregulated release of industrial gases and odors


"The biggest mistake made by private foreign companies wanting to invest in Ruse is that they put the citizens in a fait accompli. People here don't like to be surprised on issues related to ecology", this is what Deputy Mayor Zlatomira Stefanova said to the Ambassador of Canada to Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova H.E. Annick Goulet, who was at a work meeting in the Municipality of Ruse. It was also attended by the Director of the Directorate "International Policies, Economic Activities and Analyses", Ivaylo Kadishev.

According to Stefanova, citizens of Rus are sensitive to the topic of "air" and for this reason, the investment intentions of new companies or companies with already established industrial production in the city must go through a wide public discussion. As an example, she gave the Canadian company "Linamar Light Metals Ruse", which, despite its presentation to the Ruse community already with the acquisition of "Montupe", has not been able to show sufficient transparency of its production. Even after the installation of biofilters for the purification of waste gases and the installation of video surveillance cameras by the Municipality of Ruse, the auto parts plant continues to emit suffocating odors that poison all residents of Ruse.

Her Excellency Goulet said that companies from Canada that want to invest in Bulgaria have reservations, since our country is not yet a member of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development /OECD/. In January of this year, a decision was made for our country to start negotiations for joining the organization, which will provide additional security and attractiveness to our economy for foreign investors. The Canadian ambassador expressed her support for this to happen as soon as possible.

The deputy mayor told H.E. Goulet spoke about Ruse as the "city of the first things" and shared that the inhabitants of the northern capital of Bulgaria would be happy to be visited by more tourists from the North American country. She also pointed out that the Revenue Building is a great place for an exhibition introducing the people of Ruse to Canadian culture.

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