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An upcoming project for adaptation to climate change was discussed in the Municipality of Ruse

Wednesday, 06 July 2022

Prevention and adaptation of urban infrastructure to the heat island effect

On 04.07.2022, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., an expert advisory meeting on the investment measure "Creation of innovative zones to combat the heat island effect" was held in St. George Hall, Svoboda Square No. 6, Floor 6 in an urbanized territory - an anti-heat island", in implementation of Predefined project No. 3 "Application of innovative measures for mitigation and adaptation to climate change in municipalities in Bulgaria", financed by the FM of the EEA.

The project team shared and discussed with the city's expert community the idea of ​​an investment measure, which is planned to be implemented on the open pedestrian underpass of Tsar Osvoboditel, Lipnik and Skobelev Blvd. In Ruse, the problem identified as a result of climate change is the "heat island" effect in the urbanized area. The conceptual design foresees: removing part of the paved surface and replacing it with slabs of a grass joint in order to reduce the surface that is heated; vertical greening of the walls around the square space by installing a net and planting climbing plants, which will further reduce the heat island effect; pergolas will be built and suitable plants will be planted for shading purposes; water spray facilities, a drinking fountain and an irrigation system will be built to ensure the sustainability of the vegetation. The implemented measures will contribute to the socialization of the place, and not just to be a territory for fast passage. During the discussion, architects and ecologists approved the idea, but supplemented it, and their suggestions were recorded to be taken into account in the preparation of the assignment for investment design.

As it became clear, the project "Implementation of innovative measures for mitigation and adaptation to climate change in municipalities in Bulgaria" focuses on urban spaces in the partner municipalities. A total of 10 are its partners: the National Trust Ecofund and the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities and the municipalities of Ruse, Varna, Burgas, Kardjali, Plovdiv, Sliven, Stara Zagora and Stolichna Municipality. So far, representatives of the Bulgarian local authorities have undergone training and three working meetings with the other partners.

During the meeting, specific ideas and expert opinions were discussed about the details of its implementation and possibilities for its implementation in other places in the city of Ruse.

The municipality of Ruse is one of the eight Bulgarian municipalities partners of the National Trust Ecofund and the National Association of Local and Regional Authorities of Norway in the project "Implementation of innovative measures for mitigation and adaptation to climate change in municipalities in Bulgaria", financed within the framework of the Program " Environmental protection and climate change' of the European Economic Area (EEA). The focus of the project is adaptation to climate change in an urban environment and is in implementation of the National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change. In it, for these eight cities, based on scientific information and analysis, the main threats are identified as the urban heat island effect, street flooding resulting from heavy rainfall followed by water shortages due to drought, and urban landslides that are activated as a result of heavy rainfall.
Each of the municipalities, after learning about foreign experience and visiting Norway, analyzed the threats from climate change at the local level and municipal policies, using a methodology specially developed for the purpose. As a result of this one-year work, each municipality identifies an appropriate investment measure, which is financed within the same project, and its implementation will begin already this year.

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