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Historical reconstruction and official ceremony in Ruse in memory of Angel Kanchev

Monday, 11 March 2024

On March 18 / Monday / in Ruse will be honored the memory of one of the heroes of the Bulgarian Liberation - Angel Kanchev. 152 years ago, on March 5 (old style) he ended his life at the port, captured by the Ottoman authorities in an attempt to pass through committee affairs in Romania.

From 10:30 a. m. on the pier near Pontoon No. 5, the Ruse branch of the National Society "Tradition" will present a historical reconstruction of the events of the tragic day. After that, the attendees of the event will head to the monument of the revolutionary on Tsarigradsko shose Blvd. "Slavyanski".

At 11 a. m. the Municipality of Ruse organized an official ceremony with the celebration of the memorial prayer by the Holy Bishopric of Ruse and the laying of wreaths and flowers by the citizens. The celebration will include the Municipal Brass Orchestra, Martin Siromahov from the Vocal Studio "Sunny Notes" headed by Dr. Natalia Konstantinova and the Youth Guard Detachment at the Municipal Youth House. The movement of cars in the area of the monument will be suspended between 10:45 and 11:30, urging drivers to free the space from parked vehicles.

Those wishing to lay a wreath should request it in writing by email pr@mayor-ruse. bg.

Angel Kanchev was born in Tryavna and died only 22 years old in Ruse. He participated in the Second Bulgarian Legion in Belgrade, and in the summer of 1871 he was appointed by the BRCC(Bulgarian Revolutionary Central Committe) as assistant to Vasil Levski, with whom he became a close comrade. He played an important role in the formation and activities of the Ruse Revolutionary Committee. An excellent speaker, he gives lectures, gives lectures in schools, churches, collects over 1000 folk songs, takes care of the spiritual growth of Bulgarians. On March 17, 1872 / March 5 in old style / Angel Kanchev had to travel to Bucharest with an important mission in the BRCC, but at the port of Ruse he was handed over and surrounded by the Ottoman police. In order not to be caught alive, he ended his own life. His last words were "Long live Bulgaria!"

In Ruse there are two monuments of the revolutionary - near his place of death on  Blvd. "Slavyanski", as well as in front of the University of Ruse, whose patron he is.

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