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Kalagia warriors showcased their skills in a wushu tournament

Thursday, 22 June 2023

Young and old graduates of SC "Kalagia" Ruse presented what they learned during the year in the traditional wushu tournament "The Warriors of Kalagia" and the children's tournament for beginners "Kung Fu Panda". The event is organized jointly by the Association SC "Kalagia", Municipal Youth House - Ruse and Student Sports School - Ruse.

More than 40 athletes, including representatives of clubs from Tutrakan and Kubrat, took part in the competition, judged by 11 judges.

The organizers' goal is to use the sports competitions to help foster respect and ethics, build strength of mind and spirit, and develop creative talents and skills to communicate harmoniously in a social environment. And most importantly for the Kalagians - to know and overcome themselves in order to serve the good.

An official ceremony was also held in honour of the Kalagy graduates with the presentation of symbolic gifts and wishes for success on their new path. On behalf of the Municipal Youth Home - Ruse received the following awards:

- Toma Apostolov - three times European champion and tournament judge, Sportsman № 2 of Bulgaria in Wushu and winner of the Bulgarian Wushu Federation Cup for international success;

- Dziatzi Wang - two-time European champion, who also made a video address to the tournament participants from the Netherlands;

- Alexander Chokoev - European and national medalist.

All three are participants in the unique performances of the Kalagia Association and Municipal Youth Home, they have been awarded by the BFWUSHU with the Cups for International Sports Success 2014 -2019 and by the Mayor of Ruse Municipality Pencho Milkov for high sports achievements.

Among the graduates with special recognition was Alexandra Yordanova, who won third place in the national round of the world competition "Chinese Language Bridge". She has presented Chinese culture with a compilation of several arts, including wushu and taichi. Alexandra is the youngest high achieving talent in her short career.

Kalagia Sports Club was established in 1989. Founder, chairman and head coach is Maria Nedelcheva. She is a two-time European champion, winner of the Cup for international success "Competitor № 3 of Bulgaria for the period 2014 -2019" and the plaque "Merited Coach of Ruse" in 2021.

The Vice-Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the Council shall be. head coach of the club is Iskra Boneva. She is a two-time European vice-champion, winner of the Cup for high sportsmanship in wushu in international competitions - from BFUSHU for the period 2014 -2019 and an award from the Mayor of Ruse Municipality in 2021.

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