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Ruse Municipality won funding for the construction and repair of the gymnasiums of two schools - "Nikola Obretenov" and "Olimpi Panov"

Monday, 19 February 2024

The Ministry of Education and Science approved the project proposals of Ruse Municipality for the construction of a gymnasium and a warm connection to ''Nikola Obretenov'' Primary School and overhaul of the salon at ''Olimpi Panov'' Primary School.

School "Nikola Obretenov" lacks a hall for sports classes, and its construction will create a suitable environment for the physical and emotional development of students.

It is envisaged that the gymnasium will have a warm connection to the school building and a separate approach from the yard. The building will measure 36. 45 m by 21. 20 m. At the level of the gymnasium are designed a lobby, changing rooms for students with a capacity of 30-40 seats, bathrooms, a teacher/coach room and a boiler room. For the hall there are three rows of stands for spectators with a capacity of 122 seats. There will be opportunities for practicing volleyball (training activities), basketball, table tennis, wrestling, judo, boxing, badminton, tennis, dance sport and fitness facilities.

The problem with the partial sinking of the sports hall of ''Olimpi Panov'' Primary School dates back more than 30 years, and currently the large gymnasium is used, but not at full capacity.

With the project for overhaul of the room will be carried out activities such as thermal and waterproofing of the hall, installation of thermal panels on the roof with separation of overhead lighting with two longitudinal rows of windows, purchase of 2 apparatus for heating and cooling of the hall, partial cutting and replacement of the damaged wooden floor, strengthening of the ground base, repair and topping up of a sidewalk on the western facade, installation of fire alarm system, etc.

The deadline for implementation and reporting of the approved activities under both projects is December 31, 2027.

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