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Projects in progress

1. Integrated system for urban transport of the city of Ruse - 2nd stage

2. Reconstruction and rehabilitation of pedestrian environment and construction of public recreation areas

3. Development of River Danube for better connectivity of the Euroregion Ruse-Giurgiu with Pan-European transport corridor № 7

4. Reconstruction and display of iconic cultural sites with high tourism potential in the Euroregion Ruse-Giurgiu

5. Well-developed transportation system in the Euroregion Ruse-Giurgiu for better connectivity with TEN-T network

6. Investing in Road Safety and Improving the Connectivity of Ruse Municipality and Giurgiu County to TEN-T Transport Network

7. CIVITAS ECCENTRIC – Innovative solutions for sustainable mobility of people in suburban city districts and emission free freight logistics in urban centres

8. Renovation of five municipal educational institutions in the city of Ruse, including their adjacent yard spaces

9. Renovation, implementation of energy efficiency measures andmeasures under Ordinance № 4 for accessible environment for Complex for social services for children and families

10. Technical assistance for Ruse Municipality – Beneficiary Under Priority axis 1 under Operational Programme Regions in Growth 2014-2020

11. Establishment of a Centre for complex care for people with disabilities, including people with severe disabilities in Ruse Municipality

12. Construction of social housing for accommodation of persons from minority groups of the population and socially disadvantaged persons, who cannot benefit from the housing terms of Ruse Municipality

13. Social inclusion throughearly childhood development services in Ruse Municipality

14. Closure and reclamation of existing municipal landfill on the territory of Ruse Municipality

15. Integrated approach of Ruse Municipality for integration of Roma and other vulnerable groups on the territory of municipalities in Ruse Region

16. Foster me

17. Social inclusion throughearly childhood development services in Ruse Municipality

18. The Richness of Diversity– Inclusive Education for Smart Growth

19. Opening of a community centre for provision of part-time social services “Personal assistant”, “Social assistant” and “Centre for social rehabilitation and integration” in Ruse Municipality