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Yova Petrova from Ruse with a gold medal from the National Championship for Men and Women in Athletics

Tuesday, 20 February 2024

The competitors of Sports Athletics Club "Dunav" – Ruse returned with four medals from the National Championship for Men and Women, which was held in "Festivalna" Hall in Sofia. Yova Petrova won the gold in the discipline "Shepherd's Jump" at the National Athletics Championship for men and women.

The woman from Ruse beat the competition with a personal achievement of 3. 70 meters. Her coach is Dimitar Petrov.

Ivelina Milkova with coach Borislav Ivanov won a gold medal in women's cannonball with a personal score of 13. 67.

This was announced by the chairman of Sports Athletics Club "Dunav" and longtime record holder in medium and long distance running Evgeni Ignatov. He is the coach of Rosina Nikolova, who won a bronze medal in the 400 meters with a personal best of 56. 79 seconds. Rosina is the champion of the country for 2024 in girls. In the 800 meters, she corrected her personal record in the discipline with 2:12. 64 min. He won the silver medal.

"Thank you to all the players and coaches who put themselves 100% into having such a strong start to the year. I am happy with the results we have achieved in this House. We are already looking at the ''Mladost''  tournament and the summer championships. The achievements of all Ruse clubs once again prove that athletics in Ruse is alive and there must be conditions to develop even better. I also thank my colleagues in the City Council who voted Ruse to have a new and modern athletics hall. I believe that this is only the first step and soon we will have real actions to design and build the facility, "said Evgeni Ignatov.

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